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2 yuan "turner" notes soared 750 times


“It is not a question of whether we can make money, but rather a question of earning several times.” This epigram has become the consensus of the bosses of the banknote stalls in the Lugong Postcoin market. This year’s collection market’s soaring banknote specialties have added a bit of bullishness to currency traders. Recently, the reporter visited Lugong to visit the paper currency market. Before each booth, there were buyers asking for bargaining prices. Both parties saw much of the 2011 paper currency market. However, at present, the fourth and fifth sets of hype that are hotly speculative have not yet exited the circulation area. The state has explicitly prohibited the illegal trade. This is worthy of investors' attention.

The boss set up a lot of currency traders to do banknote business for a long time to receive the fourth set of two-dollar notes for the 80th and 90th editions. These two kinds of notes are commonly called “802” and “902”. Yesterday, on the website of a currency trading website, the reference price for the sale of the two editions of the two yuan notes was 83 yuan and 39 yuan (brand new, one hundred for sale). The market is still bullish; however, in the two yuan bills, The "boss" is still the third set of 2 yuan for the 1960 edition. This note with the portrait of a "turner" was sold for only 50 yuan during the SARS epidemic. The current price has soared to 1,500 yuan, which has soared 750 times compared to the face value. .

Yesterday, the Lugong market was full of people. Vendors without booths, carrying a sack of *** stood in the open air aisle and the buyer traded. The customer, Mr. Liu, purchased 1 penny for the 8th full-page version of 1953 last year. At that time, the price was 800 yuan. He bought 10 items with a try attitude. This year, it is reported that prices will increase, but it is expected that the price of the currency owner Xue will double the price of 1,600 yuan. Mr. Liu did not sell and decided to make up the position. "The stocks are much more profitable than stocks and the risk is not necessarily higher."

At present, the prices of the first, second, third, and fourth sets of banknotes have climbed to a high level, and the selling price is even several times higher than the face value, because the banknote transaction implements a “seafood price” at a price of one day, and sometimes there is no price. goods. In the words of Xue’s boss, “You want to buy, I don’t necessarily want to sell it. When you come across a buyer who refuses to pay the deposit first, I’m going to hit the shelf.” The reporter asked Xue to recommend a bullish currency. Counter: "I think it's all right." The vendors next to them pointed to a "50 yuan for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China" and promised: "A year later, one can change cars." Currently, this piece of money The price is 20,000 yuan.

There is a reason for bullishness that the chief designer of Duobao Antique City, Xu Heping, used to be the “old master” of Lugong’s postal market. He was not surprised at the flow of people in the shuttle bus. He called this flow of people merely a trivial matter. He recalled that in 1997, When the crowd enters the stadium, they need to buy tickets, and a bundle of cash comes in on their heads, dragging a sack of banknotes out.

Xu Heping told reporters that in general, leaflets do not bid, and the larger the amount, the more valuable. Unlike other collections, banknotes are more valuable and more valuable. Markets are all banknotes (hundreds), whole bundles (thousands of even numbers), and whole packs (10,000 Zhanglians) of banknotes are being traded. Therefore, in the Lugong postal market, pedestrians can see a sack on a sack. Carrying money.

Novice blindly buying and selling *** Is there any suspected violation of the law? A legal person pointed out that this is under the supervision of the "Regulations on the Management of ***." According to the provisions of Article 25 of the "Management Regulations", "Illegal trade in circulation is prohibited". The regulations clearly stipulate that “circulation *** means the *** issued by the People’s Bank of China that has not been circulated without the announcement of the People’s Bank of China”. At present, the fourth set of *** still represents the value of money, and it itself also serves as a currency function. Although it is no longer issued, it is still in circulation. It is obviously illegal to use the *** as a commemorative currency for trading.

At the same time, experts in the industry have warned that the appearance, circulation, and stock of banknotes are all stressful, directly affecting the potential for appreciation, and the new spring banknote market usher in a good start, which does not necessarily mean that the value of the banknotes has completely entered the rising channel and is at risk like other investments. , novice blindly into the market.

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